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It is agreed that the following terms set out the total agreement

made between the parties and that no variation or modification of this contract

shall be effective unless agreed by both parties in writing.

Booking fee (Deposit)

The Booking Fee secures the time and services of the Photographer for the session

and is non refundable or transferable in the event of cancellation,

it being the agreed loss suffered by the Photographer due to cancellation.

sessions that must be postponed to a later date will retain the deposit

as long as the Photographer can re-schedule for the new date and time

but may be subject to a further deposit.


Following payment of the booking fee, the balance of payments must be paid on,

or before the session date.

Proofs/photographs cannot be delivered unless payments due have been paid in full.

Payments for additional services/albums are due upon ordering of those items,

or can be ordered and added to your session package total cost.


Images taken during your day

All image sizes are nominal. The Photographer will provide a pleasing colour balance

but cannot guarantee exact colour matching owing to anomalous reflectance

caused by a combination of certain dyes and materials especially man-made fibers.

It is sometimes impossible to record on film/sensor the exact colour as seen by the human eye.

the photographer will also perform at their upmost to capture everything possible

throughout your session but cannot be held responsible for the lack of certain

'requested shots' if it is not given to them in writing or via email before the day.

Due to the unpredictability infants and the willingness of subjects

it may be impossible to capture all of the images requested.


The Photographer will retouch, digitally manipulate and finish

according to his/her own discretion. Any retouching, digital manipulation or finishing

which is requested by the Client(s) may be subject

to an extra charge at the discretion of the Photographer.


All images or copies of images whether stored digitally or otherwise and any computer program including any source or object code, computer files or printed documentation relating

to such items are protected by the Copyright and Design Act of 1988.

It is contrary to the Act to copy or allow to be copied photographically/electronically

or by any other means an image created as part of this contract without the permission of the Photographer in writing. It is understood, however, that if a CD Rom/USB drive of said images is purchased as part of this contract, that the Client(s) will have the right to reproduce the images therein for personal use only and not for distribution of any kind.


The Photographer will be granted artistic license in relation to the poses photographed

and the locations used. The Photographer’s judgement regarding the location/poses

and number of images shall be deemed correct.

you will be provided with personal printing licences with all your images.

Force majeure or Act of God

The due performance of this contract is subject to alteration or cancellation

by either party owing to any cause beyond their control.


In the unlikely event of the photographer being unable to attend the agreed session

due to unforeseen circumstances, Zoe Walker Designs Photography will to the best of his/her ability reschedule a date to suit both parties.

In the unlikely event of a total photographic failure or cancellation of contract

by either party in any other circumstance the liability of one party to the other shall be limited

to the total value of the session. Neither party shall be liable for indirect or consequential loss.


The client may cancel this contract at any time by giving written notice to the photographer

but in doing so shall forfeit any deposit already paid.



All prices are inclusive of VAT. Currently VAT is included in the advertised prices.

the photographer holds the right to amend a price if he/she deems necessary.


Any complaints should first be raised by the client to the Photographer

within 21 days from the receipt of images.


Your Data

the collection of personal information is for the use of the the photographer

(Zoe Walker Designs Photography) and will not be shared with third parties for any reasons

unless discussed with yourself or for legal reasons

such as claims, insurance purposes, tax audits or to prevent fraud.

your information is kept safe in a personal email account and stored on a personal computer

for reference of the photographer only, for use for his/her taxes, accounting and books if needed,

and to get in touch with you in regards to your photographs, services and correspondence.

you will not receive marketing emails from myself unless opted in - 
your data will not be shared with third parties for marketing purposes.


How can you see what data I store about you?
You have the right to request details on any data I store about you. 
I can send a copy of your data to the email address you entered when using my services.

Your right to deletion

If you were previously a customer of Mine, I might need to hold onto some of your data for tax

or insurance reasons. Otherwise I will happily comply with your request as best I can.
(please note if this data is needed for an upcoming event or session, 
details will need to be kept in order to provide my service to you.)

I am a small business, and do not share my collected data with anyone else.

How does my website use cookies?
My website stores cookies on your browser to allow you to place an order with me.

My website’s cookies are temporary and cannot be used to identify individual visitors.

Third parties might also set cookies on your browser. 
I use Google Analytics to monitor the performance of my website, for example. 
Third parties have their own cookie policies.

How do you make a complaint about my use of your data?
The Information Commissioners’ Office (ICO). is the authority for data protection in the UK.

If you have an resolvable problem with me and my use of your data,

they are who you should contact.

Your Image Storage

Your images will be stored, backed up and secured on both HDD and external HD

within the photographers home, on a password protected PC and drives.
they will be kept for a minimum of 1 year after your session/event.

any images sent to you on USB will now be password protected if posted 
for extra safety on their way to you.

digital downloads will be available with a PIN 
to ensure safety of your images online.

My use of Images

as a photographer, ensuring my work and portfolios stay up to date, 
I display and use previous work to exhibit my style.

this includes entering competitions, social media and my personal website.
please confirm your consent below for the use of images for these purposes.

 Please select one or all of the options below for concent.

Any Questions?

get in touch.


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