The Guild of Photographers Awards!

Hello everyone!

I am admittedly so rubbish at blogging. I really need to change this. I'm going to write off up until now because, well, its been a bit weird so far this year, hasn't it?!

I hope everyone has been keeping healthy and safe.

I have been pulling my hair out since March, when I had to close my studio due to covid-19.

I am slowely starting to reopen now, though. with lots of fresh ideas and offers coming over the summer!

back in February I joined the guild of photographers - which is an amazing photographers association for like minded people. they run monthly competitions - I entered for the first time and am so so overwhelmed that I received some awards!

I nearly didn't enter at all - I'm really working on my confidence to go for these sort of things.

in this case I am so happy I did. shortly after this, little did I know I'd be shutting my doors temporarily for this outbreak. its been tough for so many. small businesses like mine have really struggled. this is my passion and without it I have been rather lost. I am so happy to now be able to start working again. I hope to see you all soon for some fresh new memories!

please take care and stay safe. <3


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