To make 2018 count!

Hello my beauties!

so, January has nearly left us - good! its time for the real new year to start. January is a trial month, right? ;)

my goals for this year are to work more on my passion - artistic photography. including it more in my shoots and getting out on location a lot more - whatever the season! lets be brave!

I love surreal, delicate, punchy and beautiful artworks made from photographs. my plan is to do a lot more of this and get myself outside more with it. we're talking fairy tale, fantasy, ethereal and fine art styles. I spend so much time admiring this work and love doing it.

whilst I love shooting in studio, I adore getting out in Nature, too. there is nothing quite like outdoor shoots, and mixed with studio I can create a wider range in your viewing galleries, too!

I will also be offering boudoir sessions all year round...because embracing your beauty is important, empowering and fun! I am looking to collaborate with local make up artists for packages in the near future - and will be running some model calls very soon!

my journey has taken me so far already, and I love everything about it, but I always strive for more. to be more adventurous, more edgy, more unique and more artistic with each shoot.

there are SO many talented photographers out there and I adore the way the industry is kept fresh all the time. I am blessed to be good friends with local togs, which I find so important, too.

running my own business is hard, but I love it. I love knowing I can do what I enjoy for a living and meet so many wonderful people doing it. there's many, many ways to make the most out of what you love and all I can say is NEVER give up on doing what you love.

2018 will be what YOU make it - embrace every day and try new things! <3 <3 <3

Much Love!


fireflies in the woods. By Zoe Walker Designs Photography

Happy in the leaves!

The boy and wolf.

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