Many times these days, our images are kept on phones, USB's, tablets, etc. they almost don't feel physical anymore. I encourage my clients to print their images. thats what they are made for!

they are huge files, full of pixels waiting to grace the walls of the home not the screen of a phone!

I now offer more products for my clients, I highly recommend these products, they come from a professional photography lab, not a high street one. one that specializes in getting the most out of professional photographs.

does this make a difference? - YES! i cannot count the amount of times I've had clients come to me to say they weren't happy with how an image printed out - from a supermarket photo printer for £1. this really is a get what you pay for example. unfortunately, I have no control over how these print out, I save them ready for high quality printing in full size, in sRGB. the print quality, when printed correctly is perfect. but only if this is done properly. not cheaply.

photography has changed massively over the years - digital is the new age, and having them stored on devices and USB's is great, but print them too! see them on your walls, love them everyday. they are moments, memories to treasure and admire.

so please, print your photographs, at least to see the image in all of its glory.

my packages all include a selection of products, too.

take a look at my product guide for more information.


Much love!

Zoe xox

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