HELLO 2018!

wow, that year flew by quicker than a seagull thieving your chips.

soooo....lets start with some highlights of 2017!

I'm a very novice blogger - I have no idea what to do - but one of my resolutions was to get my online presence more active, and blog more - so I guess I'd better get my teeth into it!

last year was a bit of a roller coaster, as are most years. starting off OK, flowing into rubbish and then coming back out into amazing. April met me with a dark cloud when my partner was diagnosed with early stage colon cancer. EARLY STAGE THOUGH, I like to reiterate the positives.

the NHS were amazing through this. a stark contrast to the bad press they always get.

so, the cancer was found, risks were checked, the surgery happened within 2 weeks and he had a 3 quarter removal of his large intestine. cancer removed. no spread. regular checks from here on in. so that in itself is AMAZING. and he did so well with healing, it was a hard few months for both of us. but we got through it and stuck a big middle finger up to the big C.

then July comes - he proposes!

out for a meal with close family and friends and he drops on his knee and literally makes me the happiest woman alive. so that's AMAZING TOO!

the rest of the year was pretty great, in September, my sister and brother in law came to visit from AUS, and I decided to finally leave my care assistant role, after 8 years, to pursue the photography and my business full time! IT FELT AMAZING!

christmas was soon upon us and it was lovely - always slightly sad as my sister is living in AUS and we feel strange without her and my brother in law around, but we thank god for video calls!

my Uncle re-married in New York, my partner and I had a new niece, all is pretty wonderful.

I've also photographed some gorgeous weddings 2017, met some amazing people and furthered my photography passion every time I snapped the shutter.

so, thats my year in brief, not the worst really!


lots of Love!

Zoe xox

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